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Rolling Historic Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) Exemption for Historic Vehicless


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Oh! More angst for Vibrac! :eek:

Almost lost in the small print of last week's Budget announcement, and following on from a petition to the Chancellor a few months ago, a new rolling VED Exemption for Historic Vehicles is to come into force next month (April 2014) - in recognition of the value of the classic vehicle industry.

As I understand it, the exemption will stand at 40 years since vehicle manufacture (not first registration). So a vehicle manufactured before 1st January 1974 will become tax-exempt next month. And then, in April 2015, a vehicle manufactured before 1st January 1975 will become tax exempt - and so on.

UNLESS history repeats itself and Labour get elected next year and do what they did last time and immediately remove the "rolling" part from it…….

However, in a classic case of Governments unable to do joined-up thinking, the "historic non-MOT" scenario remains unchanged and is not linked to this arrangement. Duh! :rolleyes:o_O

Peter B
Bristol, UK.
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