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"Riding & Restoring a Series A Rapide"

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
They certainly are, I've been riding Harry Cox's "A" for over forty years and his previous one for two seasons after Harvey left Exeter, and he had another previous to my brother meeting him. it's the ultimate weekend bike back then as it wasn't reliable enough for work, now after Colin Jenner (Conways)did the rebuild back to original and all racing bits swapped for standard it has been very reliable since 1999 and the TT international, with so many people riding it or borrowed for special occasions it's been a fun bike to have around, puts a lot of smiles on faces. My MOT man Rob Blake did the first MOT after the rebuild and took it for a ride and said it was the best handling bike he had ridden for its age, being ex motocross champ.
After the French rally this year there are about thirty plus froggies with "A" Rap experience , may be more Austrians if I can make it in a few weeks, NZ is my real gaol but it wasn't ready for the 1995 international, as my company ran to NZ with general and apples & kiwi's on return. Now retired they want about £2k for a return cratage, too prohibitive, have to join another company who run that way if my sea going certification gets revalidated it's lapsed by six months and still waiting !
The "A" Rap is certainly different.
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