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RGW 798, HHR 451 + Chasing Shadows


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Just wondered if Dad's old Series D of the above registration is still around. It was attached to a Watsonian Avon in our day. He unhitched the chair and rode it solo for a while, he coked it up, my riding decoked it - "it always went better after you gave it a run, son"!
It was sold in pieces to Chas Guy just before his unfortunate accident.
Another Vin which Dad owned was HHR 451; he sold it George Clarke after being seduced by a Square Four; within the week he was back at the dealers pleading for his old bike back; it had been sold, hence the Series D. The Avon sidecar was an oval tube prototype ex-Earls Court show chair.
If I may give a plug; we sell Chasing Shadows, the Vincent DVD through www.manxshop.com.
In addition, we have photographs of (nearly) all the Vincents that were ridden in the TT and MGP races.

Bill Thomas

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Hello Bill,
got your private note, Don't know how to send one back yet !!!
Anyway twas I , From long ago, Nice to hear from you, I still remember your Super MZ you left me with,
When you thrashed my poor old special round the island !! The bikes still going well but I am even slower !!.
Look after your self, Bill.


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Not 'thrashed' Bill, more 'conducted'.
"The older I am, the faster I was"
I remember the good times at the High Speed Trial meetings - many memories.

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