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ET: Engine (Twin) Return Rapide to Original Amal Carbs


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I have recently bought a 1949 C Rapide which is currently fitted with Mikuni carbs. The original carbs have long dissapeared but I would like to return the bike to the original spec Amal 276 carbs. My Amal data book lists different carbs for a B and C, the rear is the same - 276CH/2DS but the front is different, ie 276DQ/1DV - C; 276CJ/1DO - B. They all have the same main and pilot jet and throttle valve. I know that the 1 DV and 1 DO refers to bottom mounting on the float chamber and the length of the arm. Does anyone now what the DQ and CJ refers to and does it make any difference, ie could I happily fit the B series spec carbs to my C series as they seem to be more available.

Best Regards


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Well, with Mikuni and now new originals you will have the best of the bunch
difficult to know which is best (says he with one Comet still on a Monoblock!)


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The float chamber codes refer to top mount, bottom mount and long/short arms. Early Bs had a short bowl arm and the front carb had the adjuster screws on the RHS (basically a rear carb mounted on the front). Have a look at the Burlen site for details and pictures.

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