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removing scratches from perspex


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I have recently been restoring an old Avon handlebar fairing that had been in someones garden for many years. The perspex was complete but badly scratched and I found the following site to show how to restore it. Enclosed 'D' owners and thicker sidecar screens may benefit if scratched and certainly worked on mine.
Basically a 400 grade of wet & dry is used at first, then 1500 and finally polish with a metal polish, preferably using a rotating mop.
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Oh Dave,
During his apprenticeship at Boscombe Down as a Mechanical apprentice, my youngest boy had to polish helicopter screens. They cost around £10,000 each and the process involved him using down to 12,000 grit production paper, dry.
Then they started on the wet and dry followed by several grades of polishing compound. A new screen can be obtained from
Lucas Mitchenhall, 01980 653 647 Even at a rough price of £55.00 this is a lot more cost effective than wearing out your
Fingers. Good Luck anyhow. ET43


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In WWII my dear old mum used to polish what was probably perspex (on plane canopies etc) with Brasso. I polished the screen on my BMW recently using the finest liquid cutting polish I could obtain and it came up a treat.


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So far it has only cost about 1 hour to be ready for the polishing bit. Hope to save the fingers by using a polishing mop. The 'D' screen is a bit different as they come bent and cut to shape - it would take a bit more to do a copy of an old Avon screen. Thanks, Phil, perhaps I should have asked you first, but as the info is on the net, seemed an easy way to get it.

John Cone

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Hi Dave

The product i use is from my polishing fast jet plastic screens. i bought some recently from e-bay to polish my yellowing headlight lenses on my car. it's made by "Greygate chemical Products" brunel Way, Coalville Leics LE67 3HF. On e-bay i just put in plastic polish, it's about £8 a bottle for 100ml.
Hope this helps. john


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Hi Dave, I have very successfully polished out scratches on my Knight windscreen, and campervan windows, with Solvol Autosol metal polish. Takes a while if they are deep, but no real effort required.

Vic Youel

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In the 1961/2 I acquired a tube of "Perspex Polish No. 3" as supplied by the plastics division of ICI of Welwyn Garden City.

I quote the instructions on the tube:

"Make up a soapy solution of the polish in warm water. Wash the component in this solution, remove excess with a damp cloth, allow to stand for a few minutes and polish lightly with a dry cloth. Alternatively, Perspex may be cleaned with a damp cloth into which a small quantity of polish has been rubbed and then lightly polished with a dry cloth. Important, cleaning cloths should be clean and free from grit.

I wonder whether grades 1 and 2 were coarser?

Oh well before I put it on Ebay does anybody want the tube...... the stuff still appears to be useable. First person in the UK to PM me their address will receive this historic and useful item by post.... or I can take it to Kempton at the end of the month.

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