Rake Angle

Vincent Brake

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I am in need of some knowledge of the geometical lay out of the Girdraulic forks, and want to know the rake angle of a standard C frame, 20 frnt 19 rear.
as i am driving with a 19"frnt now and want to convert it to 21" (as it fits nicer in the fender) I want to change the same trail as this 19" set up.
with a bit of math, I will make up some new changed FF7 excentrics and put the springs on a FF29 9/16 bar with a 9/16 nut instead of a 1/2 bsf



PS nearly ready with the BS and taking it to Italy next month
PPS sorry but i cant find it on the forum here


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I looked through my notes, but I could not find the calculations I did on the rake. The 21" front is a nice set-up. I ran it for years on a D Shadow.