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When I was 16 I got a job at a local biscuit factory while I waited for my "O" level results to come. There was a man working there who had an NSU Quickly moped. Bike mad at the time (and still the same now) I was interested in any powered two-wheeler but classed mopeds as underpowered pushbikes. I lived in Ashby de-la-Zouch at the time and there is a long, steep, hill where I lived. My opinion about mopeds was changed one day when he came steaming up the hill at a rate of knots in a most impressive style. I think it may have had a two speed, not sure but it wouldn't surprise me as those Quickly's were way more advanced than anything UK manufacturers offered.
Pity Vincent weren't able to take full advantage of their link-up with NSU, might have kept them in business a bit longer.

peter holmes

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Everything has its day in the sun, NSU Quickly's were great, far superior when compared to our home brewed collection of junk, interesting as some of them were, they were mostly junk, then along comes the Honda Cub, not much in the moped market hung around long after that, and then Honda repeated the same lesson with the big stuff also, but we all know that anyway. So if the Quickly had managed to prop up Vincent production, I fear it would have been pretty short lived.


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superior or not
Their use of Vincent Co to get a toe hold on the UK market followed by their dumping them the following year was instrumental in the demise of the company and having been closely associated of a German take over of a British concern in the not too distant past fairly typical of large German companies actions


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Absolutely! Remember the American buy out of Cadburys? A promise of no job losses and no change in recipes. Well their cream eggs have never tasted the same and eventually there were 4,000 job losses. If only one good thing comes out of the present health crisis it might be that it will be difficult to sell off our NHS to American health companies.


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Ah Quicklys soft spot for them, Dad had changed jobs and the new farm had a 2 seater for the Doe triple D driver to get back home easier, as a 13 year old I used to sneak rides on it when no one was about or so I thought, the farm secretary's car had broken down so the boss and my Dad decided I would teach her to ride it, she was gung ho about it and I had an audience as she hitched her skirt up and hopped on and I had to get on the back and get in "close" to grab the handlebars as well, much laughter ensued and we rode around for half an hour until she got the hang of it. Happy Days! I came home from school one day to find it had been traded in for a new Puch Maxi, never bothered riding that one.

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