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I'm planning to fit a prop stand to an enclosed "D", located somewhere aft of the footrest. Does anyone have a suggestion for a proprietry product that might be suitable for this purpose? I'm sure I've seen something similar on a "C".

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Prop Stands

Although my Comet's a bitza, I fitted a Suzuki GSXR1100 (early model) stand which bolted straight onto my front engine plate.

I would sudgest CAREFULLY leaning the bike over to get an idea of what length stand you need, then go down your friendly local bike breakers, and see what you can get. Then if not already done, change the pillion foot plate for a steel one.

If you want a photo then drop me a line



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If you want to keep it 100% Vincent then use a standard prop stand mounted on a shortened FT40 and FT118. I mounted mine on a standard pillion footrest plate turned through 90 degrees ( I dispensed with the rear footrests ! ).

Otherwise just make up a deeper than standard plate. It folds back parallel to the ground and the rear frame - made to measure !!