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John Smith-Daye

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Photo of the Day 10th May

Huh? A 750 twin? Did I miss something? Did the Two Phils put together a version that I hadn't heard about? Where can I get one......

Graham Smith

This is the information that was given to me!

Attached is a picture of what we believe was the last Vincent to compete at the Isle of Mann TT in 1970 & 1971.

It’s John Renwick’s 750cc twin.

Since John sold it in 1972 it has been all over the place (The USA, Germany, Holland to name but a few).

It now resides in Italy in the ownership of Giovanni Gabassi, The section organiser for the Italian Section, who commissioned John to overhaul the mechanics

It will be parading in this year's IOM Centenary lap of honour on Monday the 4th June with race number 12 with its red faring. (Not fitted in photos as this was a shake down run at a secret airfield in deepest Sussex sourced by Richard Lonsdale.)

Hugo Myatt

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750 Vin Twin. 35 years ago I worked with the actor Phillip Madoc (Famously 'You too vill go on ze list', U-Boat Captain in the classic Dad's Army episode.) He was a keen Motorcyclist on the then new Hondas. He admired my Rap and told me that he had once had a special 750 version Rapide.