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Phil Primmer


Hello Folks,
I understand that various members have been trying to get in touch with me and have failed. My home address has been in MPH for the last 34 years under the Wylye Valley section details which goes to prove that most of you do not read your magazine! I have closed WCS and have retired. Any fibreglass items ordered before March 2007 have been made and need finishing. Please give me time to do this as facilities at home are very limited, and I do not want to upset my neighbours. One kind soul said I should get a farmer's barn to carry on in. My reply is unrepeatable!.
The Craven items alopng with the P.P.Panniers, The Jubilee panniers, mag cowls, seat curves, and my WCS luggage frame have gone to Roger Gynne, of Draganfly Motorcycles. The Steib items have gone to Peter Gerrish and who is now the custodian of the D moulds. All moulds of items I made for Vincents rest with me at home and are awaiting a buyer. Say no more.
I am trying to get my beast back on the road so that I can enjoy myself before the dust in my lungs does for me, but at least I am still grinning.
All The Best,


New Website User
Non-VOC Member
Looking foward to seeing you with your outfit again Phil. I want a ride in it like that year at the Three Magpies.Jane :D:D:D

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