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paper oil filter


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VOC Member
:confused:what do you think of the paper oil filters stocked by the VOC spares Co., as compared with the original felt filters?? I was under the impression, that paper filters were not suitable for pulsing oil pumps (like ours) , but good for constant pressure gear pumps, as in car engines and modern bikes.


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I've been using Terry Prince's paper filters in both my road bike and race sidecar (which uses Castor oil) for over 5 years and have had no problems whatsoever. The benefits are that they are cheap so I replace them every time I change the oil.
The filter paper is well supported on both the inside and outside so I can't see how a pulsing flow could cause any problem, however, someone may have a theory that suggests otherwise.......:)

John Appleton

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:confused:what do you think of the paper oil filters

Hi Derek , Pete and I have been using paper filters , initially from Vince Farrell and lately from Russ Kemp , for the last two years with no problems . I cant help feeling that there is far more chance of hairy bits off of the felt going through the works than bits of paper off of the later filters . I am also assured that the flow rate of the paper is higher than that of the felt . We have ridden thousands of miles with paper filters and no longer consider the felt items when replacing .


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I've always wondered about this. The story I recall hearing was that when the spares company they went to a filter company to see about having a brand new, modern, paper filter made for the machine. The engineers at the filter company were very amused at the cotton depth filter as supplier by Vincent, and were confident they could improve on it considerably. A few months later they supposedly called back, and somewhat sheepishly said that due to various oddities of the Vincent design, a paper filter would not be appropriate, and we would be better off sticking with the old hydraulic filter.

However, I don't recall hearing any details about just why the weren't appropriate, and since then paper filters have come into common use, with no apparent problems. Anyone recall what the objection was?

Oh, does anyone know whether there are differences between the paper filters the various vendors are selling for the twin, or are they all the same thing?

greg burt

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Non-VOC Member
The filter company probably thought it not worth worth their while to make a filter for an old motorcycle . We from Down under were using Terry Prince paper filters for a few years before the VOCSC started selling them
They give a better oil flow and are well made and easy to change and cheap
I dont know how the piddly pulsation from the oil pump has any effect but they will help oil flow in the cold Pommy winter


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oil filters

Greg. you are correct in what you say , i did some flow rate tests on filters 10 years ago when i rebuilt my " B " . no contest with the paper variety, the only oil pressure in the system was between the pump and the filter as it strained to push the oil through the felt mass on a cold day! should all be flow! as nothing to restrict it, only that filter. regards barry.

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