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Open D question


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I have a open D Shadow project, I am interested in how others saddle is secured laterally at the rear of the seat on the machine.

I see from some photos that the enclosed models may have had some support from the enclosure underneath the seat, however I do not see anything in the drawings or anything from any photos in various literature to support anything similar on the "open" models.

My rear subframe has had some fabrication underneath the seat, while not very pleasing to the eye it seems effective.



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No, not pretty, that is why I am trying to come up with a different idea for the security of the seat. Frankly, not a very pretty part of these bikes and as some have said the seat/sub frame seemed as an afterthought on the open D.

This is the way the bike came to me a few years back and I would suspect I was modified to this state WELL before the previous owner

As for the question, yes, I have the spares list. The sub frame assembly is currently not available, there was one available on ebay sometime ago, I guess I should have jumped on it.

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Drawing MO 91 does not depict any type of stays for the rear of the seat.

I guess that is why I am here asking others... ideas anyone?



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The rear of the seat is held in place with a flat sping steel clip on each side. The clip is similar to the ones that are on the foot pegs except they're bent to fit the inside upper rail of the sub frame and are much larger.
Cheers, John

Len Matthews

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I ran into this problem a while ago and so made up a couple of springy S\S clips to engage with top tubes of the subframe. Only one snag; as I was using a fibreglass seat base I realised I should have bolted them in place before the seat was recovered-oh well....
At one time replacement D subframes were available from Cyril Malem-worth asking?


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To go back to the original question which I think was on Derobeson's mind when he asked it; the 'D' seat is supposed to be sufficiently robust that it does not need any other lateral support across the rear. It should be supported along its length by the sub-frame and located at the rear by two spring clips fastened to the rear of the lifting/pivoting seat, one each side and inside the sub-frame, as mentioned by others. It is not clear to me what the two additional bits of steel sheet are meant to do. If they are intended to support the seat then they wont and should not be necessary as the side tube so the job. Perhaps someone has tried to use a non standard shaped seat. It would not matter what the shape of the sponge pad was but the base needs to be pretty much what the original looked like. Good luck.


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Hello, I have got a couple of photos from my 'D Shadow' which show how we fix the seat.

It is simply a s/s sleeve wrapped around the frame tube and fixed in place by one small screw which goes into a tapped hole to stop the catches marking the paint. That is the only Mod a small 1/8th hole and screw however someone else may be able to find a less intrusive method of secturing the sleeve.
The catches are made from s/s bent to the required shape and fixed by a 1/4 Bsf bolt. (Of course I have made 2 catches one either side of the seat)

If you want any more help on it or advice I can send you a personal message or email, with materials, dimentions ect....


PS promised Dave Hills that it will be a Prince as it should be ASAP but as you can see from the protective coat of dust and iron oxide it may take a while!

photo 1) taken from inside looking up from the rear wheel at the catch as it closes.
photo 2) looking from along side the bike just before the catch closes
photo 3) the catch closed, from inside the bike looking up from the rear wheel.
photo 4) seat fully open showing one catch
photo 5) seat closed from outside showing the sleeve and screw.


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Thanks for re-focusing on the question.

Yes the question was, what if any lateral support across the rear section of the sub frame for the seat? Simply put, is there any play in the seat side to side once all hinges are bolted down tight and the seat is in the down position?

Thank you for you answers and photos.

My seat, while it does not have sloppy side to side movement once positioned down does seem to be more secure once resting on these bits of sheet metal. I have not seen on any pictures (other than Champions) or diagrams of the clips under the seat or inside the sub frame that support or center the seat in this manner.

My seat pan seems to be original in nature and the hinges are seemingly original.

Champion, I understand the SS peice around the sub frame is additional to the original setup, what about the stays bolted to the bottom of the seat pan, are those original or fabricated?

Thanks for your time.

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