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Am checking the oil circulation on a recently acquired,restored, Rapide.Oil seems to be getting to the filter and to the rocker and push rods ok,but none comes out of the quill,when removed,and none from the cylinder feed jet holder chamber (with the quill back in).Doesthis indicate a pump problem? The feed line has a Conways anti sumping valve fitted. Would removing this be any help.
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Len Matthews

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Try unscrewing the banjo bolt at the bottom right of the timing cover a few turns. If oil escapes from there, there must be a blockage in the oilway in the timing cover. Never heard of that happening although the banjo bolt itself may be clogged. Good luck!


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Hello, you have a problem! How do you know that oil is getting to the filter?
Make sure that you have oil at the feed banjo at the front of the oil pump.
I think that the anti sump valve works like the Velocette one, a ball held on a seat by a light spring, the oil pump has to suck the ball against the spring. Any air leak and the ball will not lift. Make sure that the feed line is primed.

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