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oil - variety reduction


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No I am not extoling the virtues of castrol R today:D I have mineral oil question

I have a low compression Comet road hack, and a 52 TR5 Triumph Trophy my wife has a XBR Honda (25 years old) and I run a 10 years old small Trail bike (Beta alp) and 12 year old yamaha Serrow trail bike (when I find another rider foolish enough to join me )of course the Japs have an engine oil clutch and the Comet has a Honda conversion clutch (in case the engine oil gets in the chain case) the Triumph is bog standard as if it just finished the 53 ISDT.

Its the start of the riding season they all need an oil change. now can I buy one oil to put in their engines?
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What is your budget? I buy large quantities of Penrite HPR 30 which is a 20-60 oil for old vehicles. Douglas,Velocette, New Imp, Vincents, Riley all get it. So far all good. Obviously changed at least once a year irrespective of use. I know plenty of people who just buy whatever is cheapest but, in the long run, is it really the cheapest if you have a bottom end fail or gearbox go crunch? The C Comet has been running for 25 years on the Penrite, Riley for 15, B Rap for 12, "A" for 8 etc.etc....

Little Honda

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Albervin, I used Penrite 20-60 in my first Ducati bevel roundcase twin. It was the only oil, which did not have the typical houl of the bevels, when the engine
got really hot. So it is good indeed!
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