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Oil ohoi !


New Website User
Non-VOC Member
Coming from Norway, I am interested in oil in general. However, after riding around 1000 km in a weekend, and using about 2 liters of oil, I am a bit puzzled. The bike, a Rapide C, 1953, have not been ridden that long since probably more than 20 years. And then only a few 100 km after complete strip-down and rebuild. My friend who at one point was riding behind me got properly sprayed, and when parking, it was clear that it is breathing oil. How much is "normal", and anyone having experience with collecting this oil from the breather pipe, so I do not spray it all over ?

serious C

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VOC Member
Hi Johannes,
before I check the oil level on my Comet I let it run for a few minutes
When I bought the bike I had the same problem because the previous
owner simply overfilled the engine (I drained about 1.5 litres out of the crankcase)When it sits for a while the oil might pass the oil pump.
Another possible reason might be an incorrect timing of the breather pinion.
I built myself a little alu cup in which a small plastik bottle is a snug fit ,added a bracket and mounted it on the gearbox adjuster. But since I have the correct amount of Oil in the tank I didn't had to empty it.

Regards Karsten

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