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Newly Found Rapide....unfortunately NOT FOR SALE...at this time!


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A friend owns this bike but at this time is not interested in selling. Thought folks here would like to see a Rapide set up from the 60's for top end runs.


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More of this 47 Rapide.

Talking with the owner about how this bike ran, he advised his one and only time on it almost ended up with him being seriously injured. He was riding the bike on the street and was running it up through the gears. Saw a traffic light change to red, too late and crashed the light trying to haul the bike down. He could not stop it and was fortunate to not have been hit or hit anything.

The ride had scared him enough to park the bike and never ride it again. He advises this is part of his retirement account, and I keep trying to fulfill his goal....but he is not taking the offer to buy....yet.


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Yet more of this salt flat bike.


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Sounds like one that's fallen off the radar. May be worth asking the owner to let the VOC machine registrar have the engine/frame numbers for the register.

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