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T: Fuel Tank New Project


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The damaged rear head from the beginning is now repaired with Valve guides from Ernst Hegeler .The work was done by Traupel Motortechnik in Germany. Erik
Is that the same Mr Traupel who made himself a big V Twin engine from scratch which he squeezed into a BSA frame if I remember well? That was back in the late 80s or early 90s?


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Making a single seat, lowered About an Inch with brackets from Vincent Speet. Regards erik


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Ken Tidswell

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This bike was put together from parts and the fork is from a Horex and the frontwheel is a Münch Mammut one.Unluckily the hub is cracked and is made from magnesium which can not be weldet I think.The UFM is the early type with no slot for the rear damper.
Well why not get someon to mill a slot in the RFM , I did


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the green tank is repaired by a friend.


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