Mudguard query

Tom Gaynor

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On the LHS of the rear blade of my "steel Birmabrights" there are two holes, 7/32" diameter, 2 7/8" centres, both 7/8" in from the edge. The first is about 3" round the arc from the top centre RFM screw (506) They are, in fact, in almost the same place as two holes on my "ally Birmabrights", one of which I use to mount a Scottoiler.
The ones in the steel guard pre-date Scottoilers. Has anyone any idea what might have been mounted there? I'm thinking of some accessory, popular in the 1950's (the bike left the factory 02/1951), the existence and purpose of which is now but a faded memory (the kind I have now) of very old men...a box to hold 2/6d for a night on the town and still leave change for fish and chips on the way home perhaps...

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