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Hello group,
I am an enthusiastic model engineer hobbyist, specifically to design and build replica of motorcycle engines.

In this moment I am designing the most beautiful motorcycle engine, the Vincent HRD two cylinders in 1/4 scale, but the available information is some weak for complete the design in the most exactly possible way with the original engine.

Searching in the web for information about this engine, the most pictures are exploded parts diagram, in what is very difficult to obtain measures or proportional sizes. Some have obtained with photography’s.

The attached picture is the only located.

Does anyone here have picture of sectional view, works drawing, blue prints or any schematic for this engine in what I can obtain measures?

I will appreciate that you could send me copy of those pictures or know where I might obtain one.

Thanks and best regards,
German Bravo


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Tnecniv Edipar

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Just to clarify, will this be the pre-war or post-war engine ? If post war, I hope, will you be producing the B or C series or both ?