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Mikuni pilot


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:( OK I am stumped!
As an old Amal hand this is my first Mikuni (28mm VM) set up by Alens. It is a great improvement, my cooking Comet has never gone so well.
I can tell however that its too rich on the pilot and I understand that the pilot screw gives some adjustment but for my 8 stroking beast I have bought some smaller pilot jets 1 and two sizes down to fit (minute brass items with a small slot in end)

Thing is I have the drawing (pilot is 21 in diagram) and here is a blurred picture of the underside but for the life of me I cannot see where the pilot fits! The two obvious holes are drain pathways to the drain pipes. nowhere do I see the end of the pilot jet and the whole thing seems far to delicate to go scraping around with a electricians screwdriver

I f you know where it goes please let me know refer to a clock on the blurred picture with main jet in centre (ie my thumb is at 1/4 to nine)

Comet Rider

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Pilot jet goes in the hole at 9 o'clock to the main jet as per your pic'
The mixture screw is only an air bleed for the fixed pilot jet.
When I get home I'll send you a pdf document



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Found it!
replaced the pilot jet with a 25 other option is a 27.5 (I cant see what was in there I don't have a scanning electron microscope in my garage to read it :))
Out on test its much better (without any adjustment with the air bleed) its ridable now but I get an impression that the richness extends past the pilots range OK when pulling hard but 8 strokes if off load I will have to read up on what controls the next opening and mark up my twist grip to see where it actually occurs (i have never known such a light throttle -wonderful) thanks Neil
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