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Hi just bought a rapide and trying to start it , but struggling with an intermittent spark , but I’m confused? It has a manual advance retard on the handlebars which is connected, but I took the side cover off and it’s fitted with an automatic advance retard unit , can anyone share any light ! Should I ignore the manual part of it ?


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Please post a photo of your handlebars and check to see if the manual advance cable is connected to the magneto.


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I would work out whether it is a tight wire or slack wire advance and retard system and then put it in the fully advanced position. Then try to start the bike and go for a run. If all that works OK then what you might have is a system which uses the ATD normally but allows you to change the timing on a run in order to get the best performance. The down side of this is that it is likely that when you retard the manual setting lever it will also weaken the spark. That should not matter if the engine is running at a reasonable speed but it allows you to optimise the performance with whatever fuel you are using. For most daily use the ATD is the easy way to go.