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Misc: Ignition K1F Magneto Points


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Here is a pic of the point assy from my Lucas K1F magneto. As you can see the alignment of the points is RS! I recall seeing somewhere that the points can be aligned with a (stack?) of suitable fibre washers that I assume go under the moving arm.

Am I correct?

If yes - anyone know of a source of the washers? If I'm wrong, how does one fix the point alignment?

All suggestions welcome.misaligned points.jpg

greg brillus

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Martyn, You can shim the moving arm up with shims, but you can also remove any extra thickness spacers that may be under the fixed point assembly if you remove that small vertical screw, that brass holding assembly will come out. It may be shimmed too high, small fiber shim washers are a bit hard to find now so you may have to improvise a bit. The brush end housing of Miller and Lucas generators has a good supply of small insulating fiber washers that are ideal for what you want, if you happen to have any dismembered ones laying around the parts bin...........Cheers.........Greg.