Jack Lazenby 2014 - 97 not out!


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Jack Lazenby D.F.C. will have his 97th birthday on Monday 15 September 2014.

Most of his WW2 story can be seen in the BBC WW2 Archive:


site:bbc.co.uk/history ww2 people's war JACK LAZENBY


Many Vincent people will already know that after leaving the RAF he worked at the Vincent factory from 1946 to 1961.
His work there included building Lightnings and Picador engines.

I know that Jack appreciates getting birthday cards through the post, so here is possibly a last chance for Vincent people throughout the world to make Jack happy by sending him a card in appreciation of his contributions.
Together with his late wife, he was a keen gardener in earlier years, "as a nice change from engineering", so cards on that theme should be welcome.

I shall not put his address on the web site, for obvious reasons.
But I have arranged that cards may be sent to his favourite watering hole - address below.
Cards should preferably be posted to arrive on or before Friday 12 September, to ensure delivery is not delayed by the weekend 13/14 September.
The restaurant staff will collect all the cards and make sure that Jack gets them.

Post birthday cards to:

Jack Lazenby.
c/o Jossals Restaurant
7 Queens Street,
Market Rasen,


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I tried following your links but couldn't get them to work.
Sorry about that.

Suggest you first go to


Then read the 'how to search for V2' bit :

[ For example, to search the archive for the subject "v2 rocket", type into the search engine:
site:bbc.co.uk/history ww2 people's war v2 rocket ]

Then apply that, changing search text from 'V2' to 'JACK LAZENBY' , as follows:

site:bbc.co.uk/history ww2 people's war JACK LAZENBY

The above line needs to be copied and pasted into the address box of your search engine.

IGNORE THE LINK "http://tinyurl.com/m7j29pm"

I have tested the above advice on my own computer system and it works OK.

You may need to do a bit of extra searching using google etc to devise a method which works on your own system.

Good luck!
The story, which has many parts, is well worth the effort to access it.

Don't forget the birthday card!