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Island Classic 2012


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Just got back from Phillip Island after watching the Island Classic. Damn it was hot, 35c. Hovered around the pits for awhile until I started to melt. Ended up spending the afternoon at “siberia” in a cool sea breeze. Much cooler. An excellent days racing. Posted some photo’s on picasa. Some bikes you have seen before, but what hell, I like ‘em.





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The temperature sensor strips on the Irving Vincent cylinder heads are a good idea.


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Beau Beaton did extremely well against the Suzuki Katana's, GSX's and Harris F1's and the Honda's and Kwaka Moto Martin.
I grab the race results from mcn.com.au
Race One (decl after three laps )
1. Shawn Giles (AUS) - Suzuki Katana
2. Steve Martin (AUS) – Suzuki Katana
3. Beau Beaton (AUS) – Irving Vincent
4. Jeremy McWilliams (UK) – Suzuki Harris F1
5. Robbie Phillis (AUS) – Suzuki Katana
6. Malcolm Campbell (AUS) – Honda CBR 1100
7. Ryan Farquhar (UK) – Suzuki Harris F1
8. Scott Webster (AUS) - Kawa Moto-Martin
Race Two
1. Shawn Giles
2. Steve Martin
3. Jeremy McWilliams
4. Beau Beaton
5. Ryan Farquhar
6. Robbie Phillis
7. Malcolm Campbell
8. Scott Webster
Race Three
1. Steve Martin (set new historic lap record - 1:38.707(
2. Shawn Giles
3. Jeremy McWilliams
4. Beau Beaton
5. Robbie Phillis
6. Malcolm Campbell
7. Scott Webster
8. Stuart Loly (AUS) – Suzuki GSX 1170
Race Four
1. Jeremy McWilliams
2. Beau Beaton
3. Robbie Phillis
4. Ryan Farquhar
5. Malcolm Campbell
6. Scott Webster
7. Laurie Fyffe (AUS) Suzuki GSX 1294
8. Stuart Loly

More from the Island Classic can be found here - http://www.mcnews.com.au/



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There are some seriously talented riders there. Former Moto GP rider, Formers (Australian) Superbike champions, former TT riders all lead to fantastic racing. Any lap under 1:40:00 is seriously quick. I tend to aim for 2:00:00 when doing a track day :)
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