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How to make the tool tray secure from the casual tealeaf


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Afternoon all,

Looking for advice on the best way to make the tool tray secure from the casual thief (recognise a keen tryer will find a way, if not take the bike).

I've seen a couple with little locks on them - wondered if there was a recommended part/product available somewhere to do the job?

Tried my favourite VinParts but they don't stock anything.

Ideas, suggestions and thoughts welcome.




Tool try locks.

Two stainless steel right angled brackets with a suitable hole for a small padlock, one riveted to the tool tray and the other fastened to the base of the seat ought to do the trick, or, use a barrel lock in the deepest nearside end of the tool tray with it's tongue pivoting up into the seat base. and Bob's your uncle.


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Just the job, I'm off to Maplins in the morning

Hi Stuart,

Try Maplin Electronics, part number CJ13P at £2 each, that way you can buy a couple to try out until yoiu get it right...:D:D


Hi Neil,

Great thanks - I've checked stock level in my local Maplins and they have 4 so I'm off there in the morning.

Any tips of fitting it - I would imagine that I need to cut a slot in the base of the seat for it to rotate the lock arm into?

Using a suitably sized drill and drilling a row of holes would come to mind as the best best.

How do you go about marking the location for the hole in the seat base? I'd guess as marking the tip of the lock arm with a marker pen and then rotating the lock in both directions to get the two ends of the slot marked on the seat base, then drill away?

I don't have an original tool tray, so no problems in my mind about drilling a hole in a homemade tray to suit.

Many thanks again Neil. Forum to the rescue once again.....



tool tray lock

Stuart, a marker pen will dry before you can make an impression on the seat base, try placing a thin layer of plasticene where you want the slot and then rotate the lock tang to indent it to give you the area required. You may have to tape the plasticine in place. Good Luck
Phil Primmer


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Tool tray lock/guard

The first job I ever did on my Comet was to fit a Yale lock (craven pannier style) with a straight tang rotating into a slot in the seat base. The second job, after spending hours trying to unlock it, was to put a box guard around the inside of it to prevent the tools from sliding across and blocking the rotation of the tang. It also provides a small compartment that will hold a spare split link and odd small screws.

Cheers, Ian


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My tool tray is so hard to remove that any casual thief who can remove it deserves a strongest man (or woman) award, and I certainly do not wish to meet them down a dark alley on a dark night!


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`C` tool tray

I did the same as b`Knighted using a barrel lock available from your local hardware/locksmith and I put a small guard inside to stop the tools getting jammed. I only used 1 pop rivet in the front for it, which cannot be seen normally. If you really want to be discreet, the barrel lock could be put into the rear section again using a slot in the seat base. deejay499

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