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How stupid can I get


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Non-VOC Member
I just fried another (please note "another") 2.4 GHz receiver over a highly complex wiring problem.
The red wire connects with the other red wire and the black wire connects with the other black wire NOT the other way 'round. I think I need professional help.

greg brillus

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Hey there Rip, yeah i've done the same thing, usually when your brain is a thousand miles away. Unfortunately some of these modern electronics as great as they are , just ain't as forgiving as some of their older conterparts..especially electronic reg's....cheers...Greg.


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Whenever I incorrectly wire up a battery (ie put the terminals on the wrong way round)

It still comes as a shock to me, that....

The battery communicates with me that it is unimpressed by what I am doing! Smart Battery.

My HT leads and plug caps also pack a punch to remind me its time for tea at the end of a long day.

In fact I could almost go as far as to say - my HT leads taught me to dance....

(If you dont understand - try holding onto a spark plug with one hand and the bike with the other - it will get you hoping and jumping around the room with a new found energy!)
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