Hip Surgery


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Had Right hip replaced 13 weeks ago. Has anybody advice on if I will be able to start my touring Rapide without doing damage to new joint.
Or how to fit electric leg


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Try Terry Prince for advice


The chap who used to own my Rapide (Brian Shaw in Australia) had the same problem and was advised not to kick the bike.

He had Terry Prince in Oz fit 12 volt ignition (Pazon system) and the french electric start.

There were certainly some engineering challenges in fitting the starter, you need to use an angle grinder to take off some of the kickstart quadrant and I have heard rumouored that some people have had problems with the shear pin - shearing several times.

Terry set up the Rapide I have beautifully, she starts easily on the button and so my recommendation would be to consider having the work done by someone who has done it before and knows what they are doing.

If you read the instructions that come with the starter they are frightening regarding the "mustn't do".

- Dont fit it until you have set up the carbs - backfire can shear the pin.

- Don't do anything that risks a backfire (such as flooding) - can shear the pin.

- Don't use less than a 12 AH battery - may cause the unit to fail.

- Can't hold the clutch in (when in gear) and roll backwards - and if you manage to, like down a hill for instance, you risk shearing the pin.

I've read in old MPH's of a couple of chaps having them fitted by riding across to France and making a holiday of it - good idea to have the guy who designed it do the job I reckon.

Having said all of that, mine is a joy to use and is so impressive, especially to people who know Vincents but don't know what the little red button is for - watch them be speechless when you say cheerio, and press a button and she fires.

Not cheap - but will keep you riding.

The other modifications that Brian did (he is in his 70's) that I can, having riddent the bike now, recommend (although I'm in my forties) are touring bars - I'm quite tall - and a series D centre stand - the handle is very helpful and whilst I initially thought I would have it removed, it turns out to be a big job (exhaust off) and I quite like the ease and convenience so I think I may well keep it.

The other alternative would be to invite an attractive young companion to ride pillion at all times fo rthe purpose of starting the machine for you. Can't think of a shop where you can get one of those though.

Hope that helps - drop me a line if I can be of more assistance.




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New Hip

I've recently had a right hip resurface (similar to replacement). Rehab is the same. My surgeon told me that I wouldn't be able to sky dive or bugee jump! Starting the bike would be no problem, but NO BIKES for 6 months-in case of a fall! The Grosset starter is pretty simple to fit & a great asset if you're worried.

Tom Gaynor

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Le jambe de grenouille

Whoops! Thanks, Stuart. I noticed the bike didn't want to be rolled backwards in gear, but hadn't twigged that it was the sprag clutch doing what is is designed to do. Luckily in each case i didn't persist, instead selecting neutral. So I didn't break the shear pin......

I bought the complete kit from Francois, to avoid having to modify the original bits. The only difficulty i had was with wiring, mainly because it is a blind spot for me, but also because i had already fitted my ignition switch under the battery platform and space was limited. Otherwise the kit went together perfectly, and works perfectly. As Francois says, it isn't an answer to a bike that won't start anyway, but if one IS unlucky enough to stall in traffic then one is underway again immediately instead of having to build a defensive perimeter to clear enough safe space to kickstart it again. I LOVE the instant start from hot: it starts better than my wife's car. And i may have delayed the need for a hip reline by a decade......
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captain vincent

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I had a bad smash with my right leg which took six years and five ops to get back to normal.To get round the vinny starting problem I put the bike on
the back stand and stand parrallel to it on the right hand side,set all me odds&sods and use me left leg to swing and drop the decompressor.It felt awkward at first but even now my leg is fully sorted I still start it this way without any problems it just takes a bit of practice!