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Help Required...

Graham Smith

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I'm currently looking after a Club project, and have to make a list of EVERYTHING Vincents/HRD produced over the years.

Can anyone see anything that I've missed?

Any help really would be gratefully received.


Series A
TT Replica
Comet Special

Series B
Black Shadow
Black Lightning

Series C
Black Shadow
Black Lightning

Series D
Black Shadow
Black Prince
Black Knight
Black Lightning

Industrial Machines
Amanda Water Scooter
Lifeboat Engine
Go Kart Engine

Model P
Model W
Model J
Wolverhampton HRDs


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I seem to remember that the D Comet was called the 'Victor', and there were 2 made - of which only about half a dozen survive. :rolleyes:

Peter B
Bristol, UK.


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white shadow? but i guess this was just a variation on the black so probably never officially named as such and therefore wont need a mention? Depends on what your project is.


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Help Required

For starters:

C Meteor
D Victor
C Touring Comet
C Touring Rapide
OHV 98cc NSU-Vincent Fox
2-Stroke 123cc Nsu-Vincent Fox
250cc NSU-Vincent Max
Car with wooden body
Go carts were made by Harper Engines, not Vincent
Vincent 3-wheeler
Blackburne-engined bike
The Vincent Special
Model JW


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Don't forget the famous warhorse, Gunga Din, in his various forms.
And the Dearden bike, the supercharged Twin prepared for an attack on the world record.

The Company output during the War included land mines and fuses, the latter incorporated into the rockets used to devastating effect by Spitfire pilots at the battle of Falaise Gap.


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Hi Dave,

They’ve been out of business for 54 years but they are still making a lot people very happy!

I am sure that Bob Culver can come up with a better list of gardening machines including the Bushwacker and I think there was a Vincent powered Binks Bullows compressor.
Are you also interested in the extras they made like luggage sets and crash bars?
I think that the Model W was developed from a Model L, which may have left none of them extant.

I found this list but don’t think it is complete, or entirely accurate. as I believe that all postwar Meteors were Series B.
· 1932 250 cc Bantam trike delivery van
· 1934 500 cc Meteor
· 1934 500 cc Comet
· 1934 500 cc Comet Special (TT replica)
· 1936 1000 cc Series-A Rapide
· 1946 1000 cc Series-B Rapide
· 1948 500 cc Series-C Meteor
· 1948 500 cc Series-C Comet
· 1948 500 cc Series-C Grey Flash
· 1948 1000 cc Series-C Rapide
· 1948 1000 cc Series-C Black Shadow
· 1948 1000 cc Series-C Black Lightning
· 1949 1000 cc Series-C White Shadow
· 1950 500 cc Series-C Red Comet
· 1953 45 cc Firefly (or Power Cycle)
· 1954 1000 cc "Series-D" Black Knight (Faired Rapide)
· 1954 1000 cc "Series-D" Black Prince (Faired Shadow)
· 1954 50 cc NSU Quickly
· 1955 1000 cc Three Wheeler
· 1955 123 cc NSU Fox

It also misses D Comet and Victor, Vindian (Vincent twin in an Indian Chief)
Vindian (Rebadged touring twin with altered controls and electrics)

There must be other products that used Vincent engines, like various record breaker and supercharged bikes and Cooper cars for which engines were provided.

Cheers, Ian


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Help Required

Stumpy Lord. I stand corrected. PCV gave me the info, including the fact that the fuses were stamped "HRD". Typhoons were equipped with rockets: Spitfires with cannon.

PCV produced a prototype scooter using a larger version of the industrial engine.


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comprehensive list

Does anyone know if the red ones had any special designation or were they just red Rapides?

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