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Hello from Sunny and Warm Alaska!


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Don't have a vincent, not too many show up here in Alaska anyway- just got back from the rockers vs mods run in Dallas, Texas, saw a few up close. I am a bike designer and distributor by trade, and the vincent is a great design inspiration.

Still can't find the damn user CP button talked about in the FAQ either.


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Greetings, cruisingram, welcome to the forum. For the User Control Panel, try either 'My Profile' or 'Settings' at the very top right, or once you click on 'Forum', there is a line of links that starts with 'New Posts' on the left. To the right of that, there is a drop down link named 'Forum Actions'. From the drop down menu, try 'General Settings' and 'Edit Profile'.


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Hello from next door in the Yukon. In 1998 at the Longest Day Rally we helped a Dutch Vincent and a vintage Triumph over the Arctic Circle on the Dalton Highway, and four more from England, New Zealand, Vancouver, and...(man that was twelve years ago. Where was the fourth one from?) over the Dempster to Inuvik. A couple of Vincents arrived via Skagway AK, and a bunch departed from there. Nineteen Vincents in all, two lived here at the time, two were trucked in, and all the rest were ridden. I forget how many nationalities were represented, but it turned into a mini-inernational.
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