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Headstock bearings Egli


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I am fitting some NOS marzocchi forks into a NOS CTG Egli frame
the head stock of the frame has a diameter of 2.032 (51.6mm)dia and depth of .562 (14.2mm)
The fork stem is .976 (24.8mm) diameter
I am looking for some taper roller bearings to fit, a cursory glance tells me there are some trailer bearings that are near, but I am sure I am not the first down this path has anyone got a reference as to their choice that they found satisfactory?


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Please tell me what NOS stands for - I keep seeing it and I'm feeling thick.

Re : Bearings, the trailer ones are a good idea, I use them in my Egli swinging arm, the good thing is they come with seals built in.

I've worked close to the bearing trade in the past, and I have quite a few contacts for bearings if you need help, but if you've found a suitable size trailer bearing I'd stick with that, mine have given good service.




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Mine are SKF 30205 J2/Q, they came from Cyril, and are to fit into a CTG headstock. Note that there may be some ovality in the headstock, from the brazing (think the bearing is 51,9mm and a tad below 25mm int. (guess a skf table would get the exact measures)

Regards Dag
(Egli builder)

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