Happy Birthday nigelbates

Alan J

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I wish I was 30 0n the 27th of December!!-unfortunately I will be 68!!-still, looking "on the bright side of life"-I'm still here!!:D:D

Peter Stokes

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Hello Alan

If you were thirty you would have missed the delights of motorcycling in those far off days!

I wonder what motorcycling will be like in thirty years time for the youngsters of today? In the seventies if you were speeding the coppers came chasing after you on their Norton Atlases or whatever (Triumphs and Nortons were popular in Birmingham) and you knew you had been ‘done’. It was a ‘fair cop’!

Occasionally they would chase after you and stop you just to have a look at the bike, I had that happen a few times..

I bet a few folk on this forum could tell similar stories.

Pete[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]