Good old VR1 gets even better


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Quite a few of us Westcoast Vincent owners have been using Valvoline Vr1 racing oil for many years now. It was a good choice but it now offers even greater wear protection.
This is the conventional, not the synthetic VR1. The synthetic VR1 did not test well in scar testing.



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It's in use in the UK too - when I bought a T150 a few years ago, I learned they were very hard on oil. I fitted a pressure gauge; with an ordinary 20/50, on a run the pressure dropped rapidly over 20 miles. Swapped to VR1 and it now holds factory pressure the whole run.
There's VR1 in my B twin, no contest. ( despite the price ! ).


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Been using this for few years thanks to Mighty Garage Mike who turned me on to it.
Great stuff.
Zinc is good for the older internals I hear.