Fit and assembly of FF3 to FF5 to FF7 (link to bushes to eccentric)

Steve F

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Is fit and assembly of these parts something that needs to be done professionally? I have an FF3 with what appear to be bushes tightly installed. There's a 1/4 grease nipple installed each side (left and right) in FF3 at 6 O'clock (don't like the fact it's a 1/4 gease nipple - weakness ?). Because the eccentrics (FF7) are a little ugly - externally corroded - I am considering buying stainless eccentrics and drilling and tapping for side oil/greasing.

If I just buy the new eccentrics can I be happy that if they slide in and 'move' everything is OK. Obviously I'd be better off having all new parts. Guidance please?

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I don't think any job on a Vin is a case of buying bits and fitting them on anymore. They've all had decades of good owners and bad owners, good maintnance and bad maintenance, and gone through times when good spares were hard to find. Not to mention owner "modifications".
Probably not easy in your part of the World, but try to get to a local club meeting, I'm sure someone there will be an "expert" on Girdraulics, and it's much easier to discuss them face to face over a pint (or next to the bits in question if you ride to the club meet).


Bill Thomas

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I have found the lower link is very often, Not true, So even if the eccentrics are OK It all goes tight when you put it together It is easy to ADJUST cold, Cheers Bill.