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First start-up advice please


Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member

I introduced myself yesterday on the forum and would like to ask for some advice please.

I took delivery of my Comet yesterday and am hoping to give it a run-out at the weekend.

The bike I bought has been in regular use and has a recently issued MOT, however I don't want to leave anything to chance and will perform an oil change first of all. Any advice as to a good publication to buy with the necessary info will be much appreciated. Until then....

1) Anything I need to know about draining/filling the Comet with oil?
2) I know from many different forums this question is asking for trouble, but suggestions on oil type please, I guess taking into account the current cold snap.
3) Is it preferable to use Super Unleaded fuel?
4) Tyre pressures for solo riding
5) Starting procedure. Any advice would be great until I get a feel for her.
6) Gears, up or down for first and sequence there after?
7) Does the engine benefit from a period of warming up after starting or best driven away immediately?

I hope I haven't asked any silly questions here, and most of it I could figure out myself, but I would prefer to do things right straight away, less chance for problems going forward.

Thanks and regards



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You should buy and read several books: Riders Manual, Richardson, Know Thy Beast, just to start. Don't handicap yourself.

As far as answering your questions, others wiser than me and more local will help you.

Peter Stokes

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hi Peter

Also – there are answers to some of your questions on this forum already. There have been recent discussions on oils, and I think about first start-up, also. Click on Forums/Go to the Forums and have a rummage.

There are a few copies of ‘Paul Richardson’ on AbeBooks, for example, right now. Don’t wait for Christmas!

Meeting some of your local VOC folk will be best.

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