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FF3 Dimensions


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Non-VOC Member
Hi to all, I found this on Thevincent.com some time ago, but I can't find the actual dimensions on my computer or on Thevincent.com.
Can any one help me please?



chankly bore

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Non-VOC Member
I had to "reclaim" a lower link for the "Comet on Steroids". I proceeded to measure the width across FF2 plus 2x FF8 and x 2xFF9 and added .010" for wiggle room. I then measured the width across the rear eyes of FF3 and allowed 1/8" for each FF5 bush (for memory). I then contrived a piece of finely threaded bolt stock so as to be able to exert force ONLY on the inner face of each chosen eye. I then applied main force until a straight edge was parallel and equidistant to the front faces of the FF3, i.e. where the FF6 bushes go. I then reamed both sets of fitted bushes parallel with a piloted reamer. I hope someone has the dimensions for you, but this is what you have to check with unknown parts. "SEEMS, MADAM, Nay, IT IS!"

Bill Thomas

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VOC Member
Hello Kevin, Can't find anything in the books and works sheets, This is what I have with my Comet, Which is together, + a set I have to rebuild, A=9/16" B= 1.1/4" C= 4.7/16" D= 4.15/16" No Bushes ! 5.3/16" With Bushes and thrust cups. E= 5,1/2", My spare set shows 5.17/32 but they are not square !! So I can't give you F !!, Pardon Me !!. Just had a read of works sheets, They say you can ride the bike with-out the front damper fitted!! But they don't recommend it !! That made me Sweat. I had a lower link bushed a long time ago, By one of our top men, When it came back it was all over the place !!. So as Chankly says it will have to be squared up. Good Luck, Bill.
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