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A: Oil Pipework Ferrule crimper


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I have never had a ferrule crimper, never needed one..but now one has been made available at a price this pensioner can afford if I put the cats on half rations for a fortnight..The seller advises me that it will work for ½” – 5/8” ferrules...​

Is it suitable?

andrew peters

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For the less technical members...I found this explanation on Wikioilleaks...
A feral crimper is an un-owned domestic crimper that lives outdoors and avoids human contact: it does not allow itself to be handled or touched, and usually remains hidden from humans. Feral crimpers may breed over dozens of generations and become an aggressive apex predator in urban, savannah and bushland environments. Wikipedia

Robert Watson

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OK OK I'll put a stop to this.. My Crimper is not feral. It was born some 60 or 70 years ago and lead a long and productive life until some young hi tech upstart came a long and made it redundant. It then was just discarded and started drinking and wetting itself in the back corner of a dusty old warehouse. I spied it whimpering there and took pity upon it and brought it home to Watson's Home for Aged Tools. Every now and then I find a small job for it to do and it musters up what energy it has to once again partake in a useful duty. The rest of the time it hangs out with its slightly older friends. It is particularly fond of it's old buddy Mac. Mac is a circa 1939 McDougal lathe with whom it sits with most every day of its semi retired life. Now and then they chat with Uni, a circa 1955 Universal No 3 Milling machine. They all seem quite happy together as all winter I leave a little heat on and sometimes forget to turn the lights out at bedtime or leave some early Classic Rock and Roll playing on the Victrola.


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