Felt wick for magneto


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My magneto is missing the felt wick for lubrication of the points where they ride on the cam .. Anyone have any suggestions for its replacement?


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On a related note, tempting as it might be to do, you don't want to lubricate your magneto's cam with grease. Hydrocarbons in the presence of sparks cause W points to form WC which in turn flakes off, causing the points to "wear"/erode much more rapidly than they should.

It's harder to find today than 20+ years ago, but what you want is a silicone-based "distributor cam lube" (or something with similar name). The tube I've had for nearly 40 years is called Blue Streak Lubricam, but Mallory is another name to look for. Although even the smallest tube of this stuff will last you into the next century, it will pay for itself well before that in the number of times you don't have to replace your points.