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ET152 thickness.......


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Hi All, assembling my Shadow motor, I note that the rear head bracket bolt F47/3AS is pretty much at the end of the expansion slot in the UFM. There is little,if any, room left for it to "creep" as intended when the motor heats up.
My barrels are pretty much standard, in fact both muffs and heads have had a skim to true them, so the assembled columns should be a tad down if anything.
I am however, using super duper head washers (ET152) which are .125" thick as against the "standard" washers which are about .098". These thicker washers of course lift the head brackets accordingly, and place them further apart due to the "V" of the motor, pushing F47 back along the slot in the UFM.I think this is where the problem lies.I should point out that I only have the heads nipped down to 10ft lbs at present, but i cant see they will shift far when fully torqued down. Has anyone come across this problem using the thicker head washers? I don`t suppose F47 moves all that far when the motor heats up, but I would not like to think the whole affair was straining due to lack of expansion clearence, and stressing the UFM. Observations please.... This problem must occur when using compression plates to some extent?
I suppose I could just use the standard head washers (seem a bit puny)or file out the slot in the UFM for a little more clearence :eek:.What do you think? Cheers, Bob
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