Egli-Vin/Barber - more pics


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Howdy Chaps,

Couple of pics of the aforementioned. Vaguely recall (?) the clocks done up in Lightning yellow - very snappy - this machine positively glowed.

Hillbilly Section was set up as usual with no lack of variety of machines on display, including not one but two Amanda's (more anon) - that's a twin cylinder one in the background - as well as B & C Touring Rap's, Comets and C Shadows.

And how's this for obscure commerce: two gears and two early B covers in exchange for one not-quite-ready-for-the-high-seas Amanda?


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Not to mention some who actually took their bikes out on the track after special arrangements were made for Vincent owners to do a parade lap.
Oh,actually the original Lightning dials were radium.Repops are yellow.
(Thanks to Peter G for supplying the picture)
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