Other Egli Tank Cover for Tank Bag

Peter Holmes

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My first port of call would be the Godet Workshop in France, I am sure they would have been asked this question before, and probably have a solution.


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Your a brave man to put a tank bag on a Elgi twin, I find tank bags can cause more damage to the paintwork than your jacket and legs. Any grit at all is your big enemy with tank bags.


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Ive just got the Egli, im going to be touring on it, Hill climbing it, IOM, and just riding it everywhere (when there is no salt on the roads)

Comet Rider

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Hi Morts,
no one as far as I know makes a Baglux style cover off the shelf for any Vincent.
I know of 1 member who is handy with a sowing machine who modifies one he got off eBay to fit his outfit.

All I can suggest is to get 1 that is larger than you need, find someone who can drive the sowing machine and modify it yourself.
Baglux do do universal covers, that are basically a perimeter with the bag mounts and elastic in between, which might suit the Egli tank

Best of luck


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For steel tanks, the magnetic base tank bags work well. Between the bag and my tank, I put a piece of a product like this to replace occasionally. The magnets may find ferrous bits to wear at the paint and this liner should help.

Bill Thomas

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Yes ,I have an alloy tank, A Pain !,
Just an idea , Bit of a bodge !,
I have a small bag held on with Gorilla tape,
Just for Water and plug spanner Etc, I leave it on all the time.


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It seems baglux do two sizes of universal mount. I have not been able to find dimensions yet but I’ll keep looking.
What style of Egli tank do you have?

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