E: Engine Cork In the Engine Case?


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I would like to request help identifying what I should do with this potentially cork material, covered by a sealant that I found behind the primary chain. It’s the gray spot in the center of the case. Do I remove it? And if he fixed? And well, why is it there? Has anyone seen this?

Suggestions/recommendations please.


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Bill Thomas

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I am not sure about anything Nowadays,
But I think the mod' for the chain tensioner,
Is 2 blades with both end fittings, With wider slots ?,
There is lots different with Vincents, Please ask,
Also don't worry about the grooves worn in the blade, Within reason ,
A new one will make grooves before bedding in,
Just keep an eye on chain tension, Not too tight and Not too loose.
Good Luck, Bill.

Bill Thomas

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Does VOC Spares stock those ?
If not why not ?, I have never seen one, Looks like a good idea ?.

I see you have a spring link in the chain,
Don't think it is liked over here, But in the past I have used one without trouble.


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A link in the chain? Where? I have been using an endless Tsubaki chain for many years. Also perfect. This is a more recent picture.