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ET: Engine (Twin) Clutch cover

Peter Holmes

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
That depends on who has owned your bike previously, if that was Vic, then it is probably some metric thread, but the standard, and best thread there is 3/16 Whitworth, perfect for a small diameter thread in an aluminium casting, even then they can strip out if you are heavy handed, take care with the screwdriver or Allen key.

greg brillus

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
The only issue with a lot of these recoil kits is the inserts are stainless wire........most replacement screws are stainless.......Nice when the screw locks firmly onto the insert and out she comes when you unscrew it. This is very common on the forward tank bolts/headstock threads.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Yesss, metric helicoils and M 5 - or M 4 screws for that place. Stupid to go for obsolete BS , who cares in a few decades anyway ?? And no question about helicoils, they have been great for many decades provided you do them right, meaning drill with lubricant and correct size, plus thread cutting with lube. Should be no question but reality in work sheds can be otherwise. Helicoils are standard even in new production when there is good reason. And certainly hundreds of millions, a multitude of numbers from imperial , of European and Japanese machinery got metric fasteners - and they keep together better than British . . . .
Now, even with imperial, seems they don´t last for decades , so obviously some need for repairs ??? Another reason for me to go metric is the wide choice of screw types, unlike imperial, when you just have to accept what you get - at ridiculous money - plus brexit nuisance. Life is too short to mess around with imperial fasteners when there is an easier and practical alternative.
Actually, in my case I plugged the old threads with alu threaded inserts as the positions did not fit the clutch cover, so no helicoil would do. So no heliciol here, but in most other places for sure.




Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
It's called a Helicoil my handsome, or a "V" coil <. 3/16 BSW V Coil - Fits Helicoil - Wire Thread Repair Insert Kit > put this into e-bay Erik.

Actually there is a brand out of Australia called Recoil. They are part of ALCOA. I have a 1/4 whitworth repair kit from them I used to repair a few stripped threads for the timing cover. They have a large range covering many thread forms. https://www.hfsindustrial.com/us/trade-series-thread-repair-kit.html
Helicoil as a brand is owned by Stanley Engineered Fastenings. I have 1/4" kits in both UNC and BSW, the wire cross sections are different. The Helicoil has sharp corners, where as the Recoil the cross section the corners are rounded a bit. If I query 1/4 bsw helicoil webpages show Recoil kits under a helicoil heading, as opposed to Helicoil, heading. I think helicoil has become the generic name for wire thread repair and folks don't realize there are a myriad of brands out there.
Sorry if that all seems a bit pedantic.

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