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Changing PD25 but how?

Steve Barber

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Non-VOC Member
Fellow Vincenteers

The clutch has started to slip on the twin. Pulled it down and there were minor traces of oil on the drum shoe surface. Cleaned it all thoroughly, reassembeld and rode a couple of miles and it started to slip again. Pulled it down again minor signs of oil fling on the rear faces of the clutch shoe carrier C2. Splines were dry no signs of anything on the rear face of the drum and the seal PD26 looks fine.

I will changing PD25 does any one have any tips for the removal and reinsertion of PD24?

Many thanks Steve B


Well Known and Active Website User
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Its only a matter of tapping it out with a hammer and drift but then the edge is inevitably damaged so then some time must be spent removing that damaged. Seeing as how the clutch shoe carrier spigot is more than likely worn, it would be better to machine up some under size bushes and keep the clutch sprocket and drum wobble to an absolute minimum.


stumpy lord

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HI Steve,
I used to find it to be the devil of a job to de grease the main clutch shoes as they soak up oil. Using trich only removes the oil from the surface,and you think you have a nice dry clutch untill you start driving the bike then, heat builds up in the clutch and draws more oil out of the linings, and lo and behold the damm clutch slips again. My solution used to be take the main clutch shoes out soak them in petrol and set light to them ,the heat draws the oil out and the flames burn it off. What I would now sugest is to play a propane torch over the shoes to gain the same results.
when changing the clutch sprocket bushes always check the spigot on c3/2 [clutch shoe carrier] for a ridge left from where the spigot/ shaft has been running between the bushes, it can make fitting the c3/2 into the sprocket bushes a bit awkward.
stumpy lord.

Steve Barber

Website User
Non-VOC Member
Fellow Vincenteers,
Many thanks for sharing your long earned knowledge.

As its warmed up considerably in the workshop decided to give it a go today.

Managed to borrow a blind bearing puller shown below.

Half a dozen or so taps of the impact puller and the bearings were removed.


Its all back together now. Just waiting for the floods to recede to see if it has done the job.

Again many thanks.

Steve B

Alan J

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VOC Member
I have never satisfactorily cleaned "shoes" once oily!Don't forget the other seal on the mainshaft, and don't overfill the gearbox! For years oil caused me no end of problems, but not of late! who knows? I can tell you from bitter experience you won't get far on a slipping clutch with a sidecar , the wife and 2 kids!

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