Changing oil & filter


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I'm not too keen on the idea of not seeing an oil return until the filter chamber fills up on my Comet, and I have read the following recommendations:

Soaking the filter in oil - with a paper filter I'm not sure this will help too much
Pour half a pint down the valve 'holes'
Tapping a hole in the top of the filter cap to fill the chamber with oil with an oil can

Can anyone provide some advice, thoughts or reassurance? Thanks.

chankly bore

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Laying the machine over on the left and squirting heaps of oil right through the banjo bolt hole in the timing cover
into the oil filter chamber helps.Pre soaking the oil filter element helps.Loosening off the feed pipe A66AS or A66/2AS until oil can be seen issuing from the tank helps,though you may later want to fit new seals if they become too saturated.You should not tap any holes anywhere!Remember to leave space in your oil tank for the returning oil to come back to,otherwise things can get very smoky and messy.Make sure to remove the little screw in the end of the big -end quill OP9/2 to verify supply.I think Ron Kemp has written very extensive notes on initial start-up-you may be able to find them on this site or one of the numerous books.Run the machine at a fast idle and watch the oil tank for proof of return.I remember PEI once saying, "far more damage is done by heavy oil not getting where it is meant to be than by light oil failing!"Good Luck


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Chankly has laid it out very well. I change the oil quite a bit and I put a soaked element in and use a funnel with hose to put oil in the chamber. I leave the bike upright, but I put the bolt back in when the oil dribbles out. I get oil very quickly in the UFM. On initial start up I use rollers with the spark plugs out. If it is just an oil change, the engine can safely run quite a while without pressure, but it is always good to worry!