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Misc: Stands Centre Stand Question

Chris Harrison

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Hello all,

My '49 Rapide has a centre stand fitted and while it's a great bit of kit both wheels are on the ground when the stand is in use, clearly a risky state of affairs and I'm tired of carrying a piece of wood to place beneath the legs of the stand.
The bike has 21" front and 19" rear wheels fitted. I'm not sure of the make of the stand but I'm sure someone can tell me (if I've managed to upload the image!).
The bike has always had the issue of the back wheel not lifting to completely clear the ground but the situation worsened when I fitted an Avo PC1511 coil over unit to replace the original rear springs and damper. The Avo unit is an improvement over the original suspension on the dirt tracks we now use instead of roads......

Is this a common problem and is there a simple solution? I have considered extending the feet of the stand with a couple of 'blocks' either welded or screwed in position but somehow I feel I'm missing something.

Any advice appreciated and thank you in advance.



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Chris, I just cut the bottom off one, put 6" bar up the centre with small curved shoes welded on, this way you can have any height by threading the rods or welding at any height.


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When modifying the feet better have a shape like in my photo, extend the parallel to ground feet for a few centimeters so you can park the bike on soft ground too. Dave Hills never did a better shape unfortunately. I got this idea from our 1935 Guzzi and made the Honda stand accordingly - with extreme easy operation.



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Sorry , I cringe whenever see this photo of these extensions, again the bike stands on the edges. Easy enough to have longer feet horizontal for a decent loadspread and useful on softer ground - and less damaging to your garage floor.



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Quick fix:
  1. Put the bike on the stand on level ground. (e.g. Garage floor.)
  2. Put metal or wood or under the feet until the rear tyre is just of the floor. Cut pieces of steel plate of the thickness that gave you the required clearance at the rear wheel.
  3. Tack/weld these to the bottom of the feet.
Don't create too much clearance under the rear tyre. The less clearance you have the easier it is to put the bike on the stand. I can put the Rapide on the stand while astride the bike by pushing the side lever down with my left foot and pulling back on the bars. (I am quite tall so my weight is not on the seat when I'm doing this. If you are short you will find this difficult.;))

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