BTH KCV50 A1 TT magneto


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I read Bill Hoddinotts article in the May issue of M.P.H. with great interest. Two days ago I was preparing my Scott TT Replica 1930 for spring action, and after a 10 kilometre ride it started misfiring and at last stopped. I managed to bump start it after a while and limped back home. A typical case of magneto failure.
I took out the magneto, a BTH TT for repair, and discovered that it was stamped BTH KCV50 A1! Obviously a magneto originally made for a 50 degree twin - probably a Vincent! The original cam ring has been replaced with a 180 degree ring, in order to make it suitable on a Scott. As you probably know, the Scott also needs a magneto running clockwise, preferably a quality magneto that can deliver sparks running at engine speed up to 5000 RPM plus. When this magneto was installed is not known. It may have been done before or after WWII by the original owner, J.H. (Harry) Reynolds who was racing it regularly. Interesting, isn't it?