Brakes for twins

Tom Gaynor

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Unhappy about the slow response from my standard brakes (and the effort required to stop suddenly in traffic) I decided on something better. What met the requirements best was the PV 2ls offering. It keeps "the look", and uses standard parts. Any other solution was going to mean faffing about to get a speedo drive.
I'm very pleased with them. They work: they don't grab unless i grab them first and while i haven't yet tried successive crash stops from 200 mph (saving that for the TT Parade.....), seem to have exactly the mix of low speed manners, high speed performance, and suitably Vincent-like appearance i had hoped for.
The only fitting problem I had was that the speedo gear rubbed the shoe pull-off spring on the right hand plate creating a mysterious singing noise. This was cured by turning a 3/32" wide chamfer on the back of the speedo gear to offer more clearance. It may be that on some hub variants the problem doesn't appear: I mention it because if it does, it needs to be addressed.


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Any chance of some photos showing them fitted to the bike.
when I looked at them it apears that the brake cable comes out of the rear while the standard cable runs up the fork blade.
I was wondering how it looks on the bike.