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H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres brake shoes springs


Active Website User
VOC Member
Could it be that the only forse that bring back the rear brake shoes and brake pedal is done by the 4 springer's inside the wheel drum?
No there springs around?


greg brillus

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Not quite.....There is one on the rear brake cable, pt no FT 157 it is often missing from many bikes, but it does make a difference, all the pivot points on the cross shaft and the cable need lubrication to allow good free movement of the brake system.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
That reminds me to make a comment about the springs in the latest set of new style brake shoes. One of the new users had trouble fitting the springs into the holes in the shoes. I had not tried this and as soon as I did I could see the problem The solution is to open the hole out to 3.5 mm, then slightly wriggle the drill bit. This opens out and tapers the hole to allow most of the springs to go through although on some I also had to very slightly tweak the ends of the springs. They then go straight in. I did ten pairs in thirty minutes. I also had feedback from Greg In Australia. He fitted a set to one of his chums out there who says that they are now the best brakes he has had on his Vin. That does not include discs or twin leading shoes. So it seems that the longer linings etc help rather than hinder the braking.

Chris Launders

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Mine is poor on returning, everything is well lubricated so it's probably the cable, I have another spring from the right side arm on the RFM to the bolt where the pillion footrest mounts.

Marcus Bowden

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
When I saw the Model "P" at the VOCSC several years ago now before it's restoration but realised the cable system it used where the cable went round the back of the bike to the RH side then to an anchor point. So it works like a front brake putting equal pressure on both brakes. but the brakes arms must have an Inch removed to make them shorter unless you like a lot of foot pedal movement.

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