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C: Clutch Black Shadow clutch.

Andrew Ziminski

New Website User
Non-VOC Member
Hello, I was forced to replace the Lightning clutch in my shadder with a standard type from the owners club. It all went back together well, BUT I have problems with adjustment. ie, it will only release (just) when the cable is adjusted all the way into the casing. which means the retaining nut is in contact with the clutch cover and there is no further room for adjustment. Even with the cover off there is no room left.IMG_1162.jpg
I'm completley mystified and it has me beat. - any ideas? or even better is there anyone in the west of Englsnd-I live in Frome Somerset who could take a look - cash waiting!


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
VOC Forum Website Moderator
Dear Andrew,
Did you replace the whole clutch or just the "Lightning" friction plate? Are you using the adjusters on the the C23 pressure plate and the one on the gearcover? Are you adjusting the cable correctly? See picture below.
clutch cable adjustment.jpg


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Oh and I make my own G93 from silver steel harden it put it in the opposite way round so that the the push rod then has a larger area to locate on.
its better than replacing the whole arm. Something that I was told by Mr Mills back in the sixties at his Vincent shop in East Ham he told me that it was Mr Irvings idea to do, when he visited Vincents to collect his spares., I also use a single push rod hardened each end.
.I have used this set up for years.

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