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black cape


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

has anyone seen the new Vincent Black Cape before,I tried to get the case
numbers,UFM and RFM numbers but got chased off by a little un in a mask.

Les Thomson

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
If i give you the answer, can you tell me what the question was.Cock Robin.Question was(what have you got in my ar*e Batman.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
This bizarre piece kit was ridden during the making of the latest Batman film by a proffesional French stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy.
He was to have been one of the star performers at the 17th Copdock Motorcycle Show at Ipswich, Suffolk, as he has been a number of times previously, but the awful weather prevented his display, a great pity as it's worth seeing.

The "Bat Pod", is illustrated in the programme, with a brief description, of weighing 1100-1300 pounds, with 40mm cannons, 50-caliber machine guns and exhaust ducted through the frame. It's steered from the shoulders,the rider in a prone position, which considering the width of the tyres was something of a challenge to ride. They shaved both tyres edges to start with, to help the steering but Jean-Pierre blew so many rear tyres locking the back wheel to whip the bike around they left the back tyre alone. No mention of the power plant I'm afraid.

I thought the tyres on my outfit were wide, but this is ridiculous! :)

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